SPIt Wine Fair 2016

Spit is a wine fair for wine industry professionals and private consumers also.
It is held at the Smock Alley Theater in a beautiful naturally lit space through stained glass windows.

This year's event was specially creative in which I had to carry both photography and video.
The video project entailed idea generation, song selection and story boarding prior to the production stage of the documentary. The music was a product of collaboration carried with the musician keith Burke.

It was a fast and one very challenging event and a very enjoyable and challenging process from idea generations to delivery.
I am glad that they allowed for some human interaction inside the video and that everyone was supportive in participating. They are some great crew and their wines are amazing. 
Thank you for the experience Grapecircus, Nomad Wines, Le Caveau, Vinostito and WineMason.
Why not try to Spit it next year!