El barrio Stoneybatter Festival closed its main road to traffic for a day 2017

Stoneybatter in Dublin is where I have been living for the last 3 years almost.
A place that I call home but is so far from home at the same time. It is a very strange feeling to overcome sometimes but it makes one look at things a different way which is not necessarily bad.
This time it was great to observe how the Stoneybatter Festival blossomed thanks to a committed and welcoming community along everyone that wanted to participate and make this festival and neighbourhood proud. There was a woofstock showcasing, a showcasing of the best dog in the neighbourhood, adorable pets al around so hard to pick one alone and also the great batter bake off run by Father Ted sitcom's Ms Doyle which was lovely to see. There were plentiful of activities to entertain anyone, music, storytelling for kids, half pipers, historical walks and visits, yoga, zumba, bumblebees, food, photographic screenings, creative talks, fruit, popcorn and the list goes on. Oh and no rain!
Once again Manor street was closed to the traffic for one day, the last time it closed was back in 1976, can you imagine that? no room for people to gather at all and you know what it looked fantastic, imagine if this sort of feeling remained this way all the time, a road in which people met to talk and share away from the traffic.
Anyway What is more community building than that?