Great Week 2017 Bilbao Dressed up to Party

Once again this August I went to Bilbao to enjoy my hometown's popular "Aste Nagusia" celebration. Such an amazing and diverse cultural offer never disappoints.
This year I experienced unaccountable happy moments, traditional sport and "cuadrilla's" popular game "Soka tira", really nice souls, carried some Basque traditional singing in the streets along massive crowds with "Bilbo Kantari", got close up but run away quickly to the "fire bull", danced with the "giants", got hit by the "bigheaded" characters, tried lovely food and encountered the "OxTail" making contest but also got wet under some generous rainy skies. 
Most importantly got to see the last an emotional moments of our party symbols "Txupinera", "Pregonera" goodbye ceremony for "MariJaia" by the river Nerbioi.
These three girls do really know how to party. 
Until next year Bilboko Aste Nagusia.

50 mm photography