Photographer of Food In Dublin

The winter feeling is almost gone, so it is time to show some of the food comforts that took place as part of such long period. In the last few months I was carrying diverse food photography around some of Dublin's different drink and dinning spaces. It was quite a creative experience to say the least. The creative aspect and the unknown is a great deal to enjoy in photography.
It is always a challenge to make new elements, in this case food elements, come together into an empty canvas. This food photos were directed to a point that they were meant to promote the food, the space, some branding but also a human element of the making. It was fast paced, fast and very productive. To live in a said moment and to photograph such thing can be fast and intense and therefore photography more and more is becoming a reflection of this. 
Do I like going this fast? I am not sure, the answer is no probably but there is some part to enjoy about it too. Fast seems to be the element we need to add onto the way we live in today more and more. So here they are the still images of some great comforting and delicious food and drink elements from a near past.
And if you enjoy please Spread the food photography word around. Thanks you ;)

How was your Culture NIght 2017?

Culture Night 2017 is a country wide event on September that promotes culture and the enjoyment of it in Ireland. This year I stayed put close to home in Stoneybatter by covering the museum quarters near Heuston, Smithfields Square and Stoneybatter. First thing I visited was the law society and got guided around the building and its architecture history. As a result I got a lovely portrait of our tour guide on the date with a balloon I had purposely plan to bring along with me as a prop. The life of the ballon was sort but it filled the purpose as I handed it to a crying kid soon after. Unfortunately this flew from his hands as I began with portraying of his family.

I spent most of my time wondering around all the music, crafts, circus games, fencing workshops and activities on offer in Smithfields Square and had the chance of staying for the beautiful storytelling by Smashing Times Theatre and Film Company talking about some Irish female heroines. I also paid a visit to the Lilliput Press and the Irish Railway Record Society. Finally I put my remaining energy in shooting Those Fire Guys performers of the night.

This is the way my culture night looked like this year. How did yours look?


Great Week 2017 Bilbao Dressed up to Party

Once again this August I went to Bilbao to enjoy my hometown's popular "Aste Nagusia" celebration. Such an amazing and diverse cultural offer never disappoints.
This year I experienced unaccountable happy moments, traditional sport and "cuadrilla's" popular game "Soka tira", really nice souls, carried some Basque traditional singing in the streets along massive crowds with "Bilbo Kantari", got close up but run away quickly to the "fire bull", danced with the "giants", got hit by the "bigheaded" characters, tried lovely food and encountered the "OxTail" making contest but also got wet under some generous rainy skies. 
Most importantly got to see the last an emotional moments of our party symbols "Txupinera", "Pregonera" goodbye ceremony for "MariJaia" by the river Nerbioi.
These three girls do really know how to party. 
Until next year Bilboko Aste Nagusia.

50 mm photography

Piglet Wine Bar in the heart of Temple Bar Dublin

Piglet Wine Bar (Osteria) is in the heart of Temple Bar in the quiet Cow's lane.
It has a rustic food offer of meats, cheese, tapas, gambas, cakes and a great selection of Italian, Spanish and French wines. You can either chose to sit inside or outdoors raining or not. 
Piglet gave me the opportunity to view their space and food through my lens as a photohrapher. And all I saw was really delightful. I did try the gambas al pil pil on top of a delicious sourdough bread. It was quite a delish experience. I ate in the bar talking to the chef and staff who worried greatly over making all the food and space look and taste great and looked very well after me.
I do admire all the passion put, all the help and all those intense moments we all went through, it was perfect within all its rustic style.
Piglet is a really warm space which offers a great combination of lovely wines, food and wonderful vibes. Go visit if you can.

El barrio Stoneybatter Festival closed its main road to traffic for a day 2017

Stoneybatter in Dublin is where I have been living for the last 3 years almost.
A place that I call home but is so far from home at the same time. It is a very strange feeling to overcome sometimes but it makes one look at things a different way which is not necessarily bad.
This time it was great to observe how the Stoneybatter Festival blossomed thanks to a committed and welcoming community along everyone that wanted to participate and make this festival and neighbourhood proud. There was a woofstock showcasing, a showcasing of the best dog in the neighbourhood, adorable pets al around so hard to pick one alone and also the great batter bake off run by Father Ted sitcom's Ms Doyle which was lovely to see. There were plentiful of activities to entertain anyone, music, storytelling for kids, half pipers, historical walks and visits, yoga, zumba, bumblebees, food, photographic screenings, creative talks, fruit, popcorn and the list goes on. Oh and no rain!
Once again Manor street was closed to the traffic for one day, the last time it closed was back in 1976, can you imagine that? no room for people to gather at all and you know what it looked fantastic, imagine if this sort of feeling remained this way all the time, a road in which people met to talk and share away from the traffic.
Anyway What is more community building than that?

Some Postcard Photography, South of Portugal

Last few days and nights spent in the South/West of Portugal were if anything a gift to myself.
Visited Faro's Ria Formosa, Lagos and Sagres. This time I had the great pleasure to reconnect with myself and take different direction every day. Whatever I fancied, whatever my head felt, whatever my camera focused on and whatever path I wanted to follow. Plenty of adventure in a land that allows so. The holiday was packed with walks, boat trips, gorgeous souls, happy people on holidays, sharing moments, lovely food, abandon hotels, Atlantic seaside, tourists, surfers, amazing wild landscapes, grills, songs, cliffs, pottery and plenty of self discovery and overall great experiences.
Thanks to everyone that I met and made every experience so so great.
Oh there was a little bit of sunburn too...nothing can be ever perfect.


Words on the International Literature Festival Dublin 2017

How many characters are waiting for the time when curious eyes will find them?

The International Literature Festival Dublin, ILFD, founded in 1998, is Ireland’s premier literary event and gathers the finest writers in the world to debate, provoke, delight and enthral.
This year I am having the pleasure to attend the festival as a photographer and explore the different array of talent. The opening day at the ILFD was definitely entertaining.
Talent there is a plenty and as I went through my exploration, the festival let me discover a children's book maker, a spoken word master, a comedy improviser, British, Irish, Chinese and Palestinian Literature writers and many more which were surely there to impress. Ruby Wax did leave us a wee bit Frazzled but was very entertaining to discover her persona. The inspiration that current writers were thrown at was also immense with many book agents and panellists willing to entertain.
Today it will be all over so if not this try make it there next year. I greatly enjoyed some of the talent showcasing their written and spoken word but most importantly their genius minds.

Featuring in this are Date with an Agent Vanessa Fox O'Loughlin, Ed Vere, Chibundu Onuzo, Noo Saro Wiwa, Garrett Carr, Patrick McCabe, Susie Orbach, Inua Ellams, Neil + 1, Buile Suibhne, Madeleime Thien, Xiaolu Guo, Raja Shehadeh, Ruby Wax and many more.

SPIt Wine Fair 2016

Spit is a wine fair for wine industry professionals and private consumers also.
It is held at the Smock Alley Theater in a beautiful naturally lit space through stained glass windows.

This year's event was specially creative in which I had to carry both photography and video.
The video project entailed idea generation, song selection and story boarding prior to the production stage of the documentary. The music was a product of collaboration carried with the musician keith Burke.

It was a fast and one very challenging event and a very enjoyable and challenging process from idea generations to delivery.
I am glad that they allowed for some human interaction inside the video and that everyone was supportive in participating. They are some great crew and their wines are amazing. 
Thank you for the experience Grapecircus, Nomad Wines, Le Caveau, Vinostito and WineMason.
Why not try to Spit it next year!

Culture Night Dublin 2016

Culture Night is a free, country wide event on September that promotes culture and the enjoyment of it in Ireland. This is the way my culture night looked like this year. Fun and frolics everywhere I went.
Happy Culture NIght 2016. See you all next year.