How was your Culture NIght 2017?

Culture Night 2017 is a country wide event on September that promotes culture and the enjoyment of it in Ireland. This year I stayed put close to home in Stoneybatter by covering the museum quarters near Heuston, Smithfields Square and Stoneybatter. First thing I visited was the law society and got guided around the building and its architecture history. As a result I got a lovely portrait of our tour guide on the date with a balloon I had purposely plan to bring along with me as a prop. The life of the ballon was sort but it filled the purpose as I handed it to a crying kid soon after. Unfortunately this flew from his hands as I began with portraying of his family.

I spent most of my time wondering around all the music, crafts, circus games, fencing workshops and activities on offer in Smithfields Square and had the chance of staying for the beautiful storytelling by Smashing Times Theatre and Film Company talking about some Irish female heroines. I also paid a visit to the Lilliput Press and the Irish Railway Record Society. Finally I put my remaining energy in shooting Those Fire Guys performers of the night.

This is the way my culture night looked like this year. How did yours look?