Photographer of Food In Dublin

The winter feeling is almost gone, so it is time to show some of the food comforts that took place as part of such long period. In the last few months I was carrying diverse food photography around some of Dublin's different drink and dinning spaces. It was quite a creative experience to say the least. The creative aspect and the unknown is a great deal to enjoy in photography.
It is always a challenge to make new elements, in this case food elements, come together into an empty canvas. This food photos were directed to a point that they were meant to promote the food, the space, some branding but also a human element of the making. It was fast paced, fast and very productive. To live in a said moment and to photograph such thing can be fast and intense and therefore photography more and more is becoming a reflection of this. 
Do I like going this fast? I am not sure, the answer is no probably but there is some part to enjoy about it too. Fast seems to be the element we need to add onto the way we live in today more and more. So here they are the still images of some great comforting and delicious food and drink elements from a near past.
And if you enjoy please Spread the food photography word around. Thanks you ;)