If in Madrid try a 'Cocido'

I was in Madrid a couple of weekends ago. I usually stop by a few times a year. This time I stayed in Malasaña, quite a central and trendy destination which suits anyone looking for independent art, good food, nights out etc. Sleeping is the least important aspect in a town that can stay up 24 hours. 
This time I made sure to enjoy local produce. Vetusta Morla, 8 Apellidos Catalanes, Rastro and a few other activities were part of the menu. As for food, I tasted olives, tapas, arroz a banda, cured ham, Idiazabal cheese, tortilla de patatas with caramelized onion, tostas, aubergine tempura with honey and the list goes on but the most important part is that I finally tried a home-cooked Cocido.
A "Cocido Madrileño" is a stew made with chickpeas, vegetables, potatoes, pasta noodles and different meats (chorizo, pudding, ribs). This version was not vegan so I apologize in advance. I was initially told to eat the ingredients in whichever order I pleased, separately or all mixed. A cook recently told me in Bilbao that the best way of enjoying a dish was breaking it all and mixing it. This made sense as I have always enjoyed putting tiny bits of every single ingredient on my spoon in order to have a full experience with flavors. Basically it is all up to oneself. One very important last thing before you live Madrid, if you find a mirror make sure to take a selfie as a proof that you were there.