Follow your most intense obsessions mercilessly by Franz Kafka-Obsession Series

This year I began portraying people becoming their obsession, what they do or think about all the time. This blog is intended to promote my creative obsession but it will also try to show a journey of many humans evolving to what they most like doing and who have transformed or are on the process to be one with what they are passionate about. 
karin Ahlers' Obsession was Bob Dylan. Karin and I had a great time constructing an obsession for Bob Dylan. This may not longer be her most intense Obsession as "the times they are a changing' ". Graphic design skills and design thinking are useful when making meaningful photo portraits. This particular session can be found in my flicker account link below
. My other obsessed subjects can be found at the web link below. Please enjoy your Obsessions mercilessly and responsibly ;)

Obsession Series_Bob Dylan with Karin Ahlers