South Studios & PhotoIreland Festival Exhibition July 2015

The PhotoIreland Festival runs for the month of July. Every year it promotes international exposure of selected Photographic work. This year it was the second year I had the chance to invigilate one of the exhibitions held in South Studios. The real reason to view Korean photography and a work called Jigeum. I have always been a very curious person and therefore I thought it would be great to bring a camera and share such curiosity. The following images show part of what goes on a random day at an exhibition. People come visit, look at work, get inspired or not, you approach them, they talk to you, everyone has a story to tell, sometimes this is shared sometimes it is not, you listen, everyone then leaves gently. 
Irish photographers Kate Nolan and Gerry Blake are also present in these images which are a mix of documentary and interiors description. Also present are my invigilation companion and some gentle photographers.