A view on An Easter Rising almost a 100 years later in Dublin

Over the passed weekend I had the chance to attend and participate as one more expectator of the 100th year celebrations of the Easter Rising in the streets of Dublin. I had no problem with that, one more is good. My parade began in Bolton Street and pretty much ended up near by. I also attended some of the activities taking place in Smithfields and O’Connell Street on Easter Monday. As a photographer the journey was almost fine but I had to be told that I was doing all the right things to get into trouble in some small part in an area where I thought I was allowed to act freely. I kindly disobeyed and it was all fine again. Over the Easter Weekend I saw a part of Ireland proud of belonging and learning about their nation's construction. But only a part. The nation may not had been constructed very well for everyone after all? Is this a reality that probably the majority of the Irish society has come to accept? Another take it or leave it?
A new improved version must be on its way.
Enjoy the shots ;)