Basque Folklore at the Cobblestone Dublin

Last week we had a chance to enjoy Basque Folklore at the Cobblestone in Dublin.
It all happened on Tuesday evening after the Easter Rising weekend. The streets were quiet as they usually are except for that this time a group of 37 people were walking up Smithfield Square towards the Cobblestone Pub playing loud a mix of accordions & hand drums.
Oh what a spectacle to my surprised ears & big eyes!
I have never seen such a big group fit at the small Cobblestone back room, even to take photographs was a challenge, trying to do good photography it is always challenging to me, the faster the happenings the more challenging it becomes. Unplanned and poor lighting add on to the bag you need to problem solve. But this was fun. So they came, they danced, they played and they certainly left leaving us with a lovely taste of all the energy they brought with them. Enjoy the moments ;)