What happened in Vienna will stay in Vienna

Vienna is a vibrant destination full on art, architecture and garden display. It is home to the classic type with plenty of classical music concerts on offer, food markets such as Naschmarkt, museums and galleries. Last week I spent a few days exploring through the different districts of Vienna and I discovered plenty of history and many more stories everywhere I went. On my landing which happened to be on international kiss day first thing I was prompted with was Klimt's Kiss. The next few days quickly went by and consisted on mixing up in the different districts, learning about the past and the present of a capital which holds quite a dark time, visiting public buildings and landmarks, taking the lovely subway, trying the most typical food/beverages and staying surrounded by the 19th century lettering display and architecture. It felt great to learn that in such a traditional and conservative society graffiti is allowed in certain public spaces such as the ones near by the Danube canal.
Willkommen in Wien